Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Software

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Production Scheduling & Inventory Software

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing or Production Scheduling & Inventory Software - In the pharmaceutical industry, making a mistake is not an option. Customers rely on your products for they well being and a mistake could be life threatening. With CBO, pharmaceutical companies will be able to manage the manufacturing process of their products and help to ensure the highest standards of efficiency, quality as well as traceability.

With CBO, companies get a whole host of options such as:
  •   Party Master
  •   Account Group
  •   Item Master
  •   Batch Master
  •   Tax Master
  •   State
  •   Head Quarter
  •   And much more

For Production, CBO gives you options such as:
  •   Formula/BOM
  •   Costing/Quotationl
  •   Production Register
  •   Production Planning for RM/PM
  •   MRP for RM/PM

Transactions get their own set of options like:
  •   Invoice
  •   Order booking (for company or for any third party)
  •   Stock Transfer
  •   Planning process for production
  •   Formulation/bill of material
  •   And much more

CBO can also help in creating reports on the manufacturing module with options like:
  •   Stock Reports
  •   Party wise costing/quotation sheet
  •   Production register according to party /month/deliver date
  •   Stock requirement with minimum inventory
  •   Stock balance according to item of RM/PM
  •   And much more
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